Everything you need to know about iPhone sales on Black Friday in 2022 is included in this article.

The best day to look for iPhone discounts is Black Friday.

The late-November sale is the busiest, craziest point in the bargains calendar, and it’s then that you’ll find the finest offers on iPhone contracts and SIM-free handsets equally.

Apple is not what we'd call a brand that frequently offers discounts, and this holds true for all of its products.

But Black Friday is a time where we always see a wave of amazing new contracts on plenty of iPhones, and some bargains on the SIM-free handsets too.

The likely star of this year’s Black Friday will be the iPhone 13.

After the new iPhone 14 was released, contract prices for the previous year's model naturally dropped.

But if you’re searching for an iPhone that’s even cheaper, it’s absolutely worth looking back to the previous generation and see what iPhone 11 and 12 discounts are on offer too.

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Important dates, what to expect, and where to go for the greatest prices on Black Friday and Cyber Monday are covered in detail below.

For a thorough breakdown, there’s also our when is Black Friday explainer.

And for all the finest discounts when we get closer to the big day itself, there’s our top Black Friday deals page.

Best iPhone Offers from Us

Three is offering the iPhone 13 for £39 per month with just £19 due upon activation.

If you’re looking for the latest iPhone, check to our iPhone 14 sales page. However, at this time, we believe that the best iPhone offer available is for the model before the one we just purchased.

Head to Buy mobiles, and you can pick up the iPhone 13 with a hefty 100GB of data for an astounding £39 per month – and a low cost of £19 upfront.

A decent deal if you don’t want to wait for Black Friday.

Is the iPhone 13 on sale on Black Friday?

In spite of the fact that Black Friday is still a few months away, we are going to venture a bet and say that yes, the iPhone 13 will be available during this year's promotions.

After thereafter, in September of 2022, Apple plans to release the iPhone 14, which will replace the iPhone X as the company's flagship product.

Since it is no longer Apple's flagship model, the iPhone 13 will be significantly less than its predecessors.

There were a few iPhones 13 discounts available last year: stores such Virgin Media, Three, and Carphone Warehouse gave out a free pair of AirPods/AirPods Pro with their iPhone 13 plans.

But if you’re more interested in genuinely low monthly rates, it’s in 2022 that these will start to materialise.

In what year is Black Friday traditionally celebrated?

This year, Black Friday is taking place today, November 26 – as is always the way, that’s the day after U.S. Thanksgiving.

Black Friday, after all, was exclusively an American shopping day until it took up in popularity in the UK roughly a decade ago.

And like it or not, it has become a standard element of the frenzy leading up to Christmas.

We want to remind our readers that Black Friday sales are available online all throughout the month of November, not just on one day.

In fact, in recent years, October has become the month when stores begin their early-bird bargains, such as Carphone Warehouse's Why Wait? promotions.

However, the best deals and price decreases typically don't emerge online until the week before Black Friday itself.

In what time frame can we expect iPhone discounts to go live for Black Friday?

Today, November 26th, is the beginning of the Black Friday sales event.

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When do iPhone sales finish on Black Friday?

In most cases, the Black Friday deal lasts until Cyber Monday, November 29.

You should place your order before the deadline if you want to take advantage of the discount.

Getting ready for Black Friday iPhone sales

We anticipate a big effect on iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 prices due to the impending release of the iPhone 14.

Once the iPhone 13 gets dethroned as the flagship model, we expect it to become significantly cheaper; we anticipate that monthly pricing for truly adequate data plans will begin to drop to around the £32 to £34 figure.

However, we're more interested in the iPhone 12, which will be two generations old (shock horror) but should have some great deals and may be thought of as a bargain iPhone.

According to our Tech Editor Sean Keech’s evaluation, the iPhone 12 is an excellent device that gives its customers access to a wide variety of new features.

To get the best deals today and over the weekend, you should check out Forehouse, Affordable Mobiles, Mobiles.co.uk, and Carphone Warehouse.

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